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I can teach you how to draw
Hello, everybody. Would you like to learn how to draw?
As of now, I have a growing Youtube channel (we reached over 100 subs, which is great!) where I'm currently uploading time lapse videos of the drawings you see here on my dA page.
But, now I have a larger project, and I need your help. It doesn't require money, nor a lot of your time.
In real life, I'm a former teacher at a local university. I have some years of experience now, and I would like to use this teaching knowledge  to help you guys learn to, or improve your art skills. How? by promoting an online school of arts theough Youtube, giving out tutorials on both traditional and digital art, as well as how to emulate styles or develop your own and more.
This won't be possible until efter July 30th. Some of our neighbors plan on moving out. If I can negotiate with the landlord and move to that department, that is how I'll be able to offer this service to all of you for free.

Do I have to move out to do
:iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 11 17
Valentine's day for Hiccup and Toothless
Valentine's Day never really meant much to Hiccup. It wasn't fair to say that it didn't mean anything to the lad, but the day didn't really speak to his notion of love. Yeah, it was a great excuse for free gifts, but love?
Not that he minded gifts. Toothless often bought him something extremely extravagant on holidays, and extravagant gifts were never rejected. The luxury model Hyundai Sonota he drove in was his last year's Christmas present; new iPod Nano, TomTom GPS system, and XM/Sirius satellite radio included.
But, sometimes…
Hiccup didn't really think that Toothless was a very good gift giver. His gifts were wonderful, and he wouldn't trade them for anything, but they didn't seem to express any thought. Hiccup needed a car, and he appreciated the car, but Toothless didn't really need to put any thought or effort into getting it for him. He just brought Hiccup to a luxury car dealer where he had a pick of anything he wanted.
It was nice, but – even if he would hav
:iconxxhaleinaxx:xXHaleinaXx 72 14
View of a dragon: Night Fury 4
The morning sky beckons me forth to get back up again. My eyes fluttered up and down as vision was blurred by the morning lethargy. I just don't understand why every single morning, my body feels aching all over. Slowly and gently, my body began to get back up, yawning and giving out low rumbling purr. The lapping sound of the lake got the best out of me, smacking my lips out of dryness.
In the end, I carried my heavy body over to the lapping waters of the lake and began to lick away at the clear and tasty water. As my tongue flicks at it, fishes swam off from shore, away from me and I wasn't even surprised by that fact. Once my thirst has been satiated, I looked up to the morning sky once more.
The clouds, such beautiful clouds, and the sun shone as brightly as can be. Oh, how I missed the open air. It feels so wrong for a dragon to be on the ground for such a long time and these wings are beginning to miss the thrill of flapping and gliding. Heck, wings isn't the only one that misses
:iconfalconmage:FalconMage 58 52
Shake it Out
As I run, I have to keep reminding myself, and my tired feet, as to why I am running.
I loved my brother more than I should have. Well, he's not really my brother. And maybe, that makes it a little bit more okay.
I am an adopted son. Mother told me once that she found me outside the village, wrapped in a blanket with a note inside.
"He is half dragon. His mother rejected him."
Mother had run back home with me safely in her arms. She was a creature of kindness, mother was. It was impossible for Father to say "no" to her, and so they kept me. They had raised me as their son.
I don't remember mother's stomach becoming rounder, but I was old enough to remember the screams of labor. Her cries had terrified me, but my father reassured me that everything was going to be okay. My mother was strong.
But, my brother was not. He was born too early, and in the cold of winter. That night, I overheard the medicine woman tell my father that he was probably going to die. I don't know why, but this had
:iconxxhaleinaxx:xXHaleinaXx 44 11
No Trespassing! (11th Doctor x M! Reader)
AN: this one's sorta long. Jsyk Also you're a shape shifting alien.
On ward and up ward!!
He jumps a bit. "Who are you and how did you get in here?" He asked curiously.
"Oh Doctor, don't you recognize me?" I pout.
He looks me up and down.
I change into a screaming woman. Then a young boy playing with a ball. Then a bird. Then Cyberman. Then my Timelord/Human form.
He stares at me as a huge grin grows on his face.
"Oh that's fantastic! Oh your a rare beauty!" He ran over to me and grabbed my face, studying me more closely.
I smiled some what shyly.
"Much like yourself, Doctor."
He chuckled a bit at that. And I may have just been seeing things but, was that a blush?
"Your quite the charmer aren't you?" He steps slightly away from me.
"So what brings you to my humble abode?" He gestures around at his Tardis.
"Oh just looking for a ride off this crummy planet. It's really getting me in a bad mood." I grumble.
"What? You couldn't get off yourself?"
:iconxxxgoawaynowxxx:XxxGoAwayNowxxX 98 7
The New Bae by AskRavio The New Bae :iconaskravio:AskRavio 6 24 Moon Wanderer tadpole by hontor Moon Wanderer tadpole :iconhontor:hontor 285 5 Ghirahim Slogans by ShadyBlade-TrueWolf Ghirahim Slogans :iconshadyblade-truewolf:ShadyBlade-TrueWolf 53 27 Glomp by blackorchid2007 Glomp :iconblackorchid2007:blackorchid2007 258 69
Hey, Mr. Hero! 18
Chapter 18
Unsettling premonitions
The rain crashed against the windows of the Blacksmith's house, as it had steadily gotten worse as the two made their way back over. They attempted to stop by Thieves' Town to stock up on various food supplies, but that'd have to wait until the rain let up. Until then... Ravio sat huddled in the corner, cold and shivering from the gusts of wind and rain that had pelted them on the way over. Despite the closeness of the house and his own, there was no way they were about to be able to go out in such weather.
The room flashed brighter for barely a second, then thunder sounded, rattling the windows and the pictures on the walls. He hugged himself tightly, not minding the sound of the storm, but rather more concerned about the structure itself. To keep his thoughts off it, he kept his eyes trained on his lover's back... Which he was having a hard time not doing. Ever since the oth
:iconcrunch-muffin:Crunch-Muffin 6 14
DLXL doujin 271 by AngelofHapiness DLXL doujin 271 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 235 172 Link vs Dark Link 2 by Gafagear Link vs Dark Link 2 :icongafagear:Gafagear 1,132 267 Dark Link Do Not Want by ItaLuv Dark Link Do Not Want :iconitaluv:ItaLuv 2,198 407 Mario Mushroom by Nana-Marchae Mario Mushroom :iconnana-marchae:Nana-Marchae 77 7




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